Everything Vintage Has A Tendency To Endure

large vintage wall clocks

Ladies and gentlemen with superior aesthetic and esthetic tastes have a tendency to prefer the old to the new. When talk around the dinner table revolves around the merits of such sentiments it usually revolves around furniture, ornaments and art works. The dining room table around which these fine folks sit could very well be a well-polished vintage of oak or teak. Whether it is set in the Edwardian era or warped in the retro sixties, it remains a timeless classic, just as long as the proud owner continues to cherish it with the requisite labor of love.

Speaking of timeless classics, nothing seems to chime better than large vintage wall clocks. Unless, of course, the proud but stylish homeowner has outdone her guests with one or two rare ornamental antiques, so rare that it continues to raise a gasp. Whether this is surprise or awe, matters not. The proud owner of such timeless set pieces should never, however, descend into vanity. Crass showing off to the guests immediately causes all such cherished items to lose its value. Whilst such items; finely crafted antique furniture, vintage wall clocks and marbled sculptures, do tend to fetch far higher prices than mass market twenty-first century functionaries, the true measure of its value remains priceless.

You simply cannot put a price on a well-preserved yellowwood wall stand if it helps to bring back household memories. No one can name their price for a still life they do not understand and took years for you to acquire. To say that all such pieces have sentimental value is a case of stating the obvious. And that old vintage wall clock remains a good ice breaker. As in, well, will you look at the time, it is time to go.