Laces or Slip Ons? A Compelling Case for Both

Most children, when they get their first pair of shoes, use slip on shoes or Velcro. It makes sense, as often their fingers are too small and clumsy to make the delicate knots required, and when they put their shoes on it’s more for speed than accuracy. As they grow up, they learn how to tie their shoes and use knots.

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Having laces for their vans sneakers nyc is seen as a grown up rite of passage for kids, while having slip on shoes is seen as immature. However, having slip on shoes as your primary piece of footwear doesn’t mean that you can’t tie your shoes. It just means that you see the benefits that they offer.

While tying laces does improve dexterity and allows you to learn about knots, they also take a long time, even if you are good at it. If you need to rush out the door, it’s not uncommon to have some untied laces or loose knots. However, slip on shoes are generally always tight, fit your feet, and can be pulled on and secured in half the time.

Plus, if you are going somewhere causal, like for a morning run or to grab some breakfast, then slip on shoes are casual footwear. Tied shoes are generally more professional, and allow for a distinguished look to complement a business meeting or an evening out. They might take a little more time to get right, but if you are going somewhere official, then you’ll be taking time anyway.

In the end, it all comes down to personal style and preference. There’s no right or wrong shoe for you, as long as they make you feel comfortable and you can wear them with style. Laces or none, why not just have both.