Popular Beer Cocktails to Try

When you think of a cocktail, the most likely thing that comes to mind is a fruity drink with an umbrella or olive in it. However, there are cocktails that include beer – and they have been growing in popularity across the United States. If you’ve never had one, then you are in for a treat – these drinks can be delicious when they are prepared right. Some of the ingredients to the most popular drinks are listed below, and then you can find out how to craft some delicious drinks.

If you’ve been wondering whether to try a michelada vs chelada, then we will take a look at difference between the two drinks and you can discover which one you like more.


michelada vs cheladacompared to a lime margarita

Depending on where you are from, a michelada can be different. However, let’s look at in a general sense – they are made of tomato juice, lime, and spices. They are usually served in a glass lined with salt and have a nice spiciness to them. You can find them all over Mexico City, where they are prepared using lime, hot sauce, salt, beer, and sometimes orange slices. You can also use clamato juice and sauces like Worcestershire and Tabasco.

The michelada is chosen in restaurants for its ability to add flavor to Mexican cuisine. You can get the drink and enjoy your favorite restaurant or bar with the intense flavors of the beer.


A chelada is something many people may not have heard about if they don’t frequent restaurants that serve it, but the chelada is just as delicious as the michelada. It’s not spicy like the michelada is – it is more like a beer that is served chilled with lime juice and salt around the rim. It has been compared to a lime margarita, but it costs much less. There is not much distinction between the chelada and the michelada even in parts of Mexico – the terms are often used interchangeably.

The chelada can be thought of as the less spicy version of a michelada, with a flavor that is not weighed down by spices, so it remains light in taste.

When making one of these drinks at home, you can go somewhere in between and make it as spicy as you want. The recipe can be modified to include less Tabasco sauce or other elements so that you can have a lighter experience without as much spiciness – sort of like the chelada. If you don’t want to give up spices at all, simply lower the amount when you bartend for yourself and your friends.

Whether you prefer the chelada or the michelada, both of these drinks taste delicious and offer a refreshing taste that is different from traditional American drinks. You can feel free to go out and try them at your favorite local spot; prepare to be in for a world of wonder and delicious flavors that take you to the heart of Mexico City with every sip of the beverage.