Preparing Your Camp Kitchen

When it comes to camping, most people know about the essentials. These include tents, backpacks, bug spray, and flashlights. But what about camp cooking? Not too many people think about that unless they aren’t the ones cooking the food. In order to make a great meal in the wild, you’ll need something more than just a great fire.

First, you’ll need enough plates and silverware for the number of people on your trip. It might sound common, but also is the first thing people forget about when packing for a camp cookout. Next, either pack a camp stove or something to put your items on over the fire. A skillet or pan will do just fine, but it needs to be something you can hold in your hand and manipulate easily.

A knife, whether a dedicated kitchen knife or a secondary knife, will be useful for carving up meats and vegetables, and foil will allow you to keep any food off the ground. Also, bring camping utensils that will help you make the dishes you have planned. If you know you are going to be fishing, then bring gear that will help you cut a fish open. If you are making hotdogs or smores, then bring long sticks and tongs.

camping utensils

The meals you plan out will help you add the finishing touches to your kitchen, and always bring a backup heat source (such as a dedicated camp stove) if you don’t have the right conditions to make a fire. You can also just plan out some meals that you’ll eat cold. There’s nothing like eating a can of soup or beans straight from the cold can in the morning. Especially if you can watch the sunrise while at it if that doesn’t make you feel wild, nothing will.