The Guardian Angel Is A Concept As Old As Time

The idea of a Guardian Angel is a concept that people relate to easily. Even in these increasingly secular days, we welcome the idea of an angel who has a watching eye over us, keeping us safe in the vagaries of life. Guardian Angels are not just a personal thing either. Countries have a Guardian Angel whose job is to watch over the entire nation.

Nor is the Guardian Angel the property of any special religion – the idea of a celestial being was in the Old Testament, and there are lots of ancient Hebrew references.

It is tempting these days to see the idea as little more than a talisman, although there are plenty of people who would disagree. Believing there’s more to the old tales than that.

In literature there’s much more to the wearing of guardian angel wing necklace than meets the eye. Writers have long been able to use the metaphor of the angel to explain a protagonist’s behavior. If a character acts out of their assigned role, it’s possible to blame things on a ‘bad’ angel. When something extraordinary happens, but they are able to skate through unhurt – it’s the ‘good’ angel with a calming hand on their shoulder to get them through.

guardian angel wing necklace

No matter what your personal beliefs – the angel is a comfort device we all look to. Movies use the idea to give the deeply bereaved comfort and ultimately to give them the courage to find the courage back to living again having come to terms with their grief.

No matter where you fall on the believer to atheist spectrum, we all need ways in which we can explain lives to ourselves. We need things to help us make sense. Maybe the Guardian Angel is looking after our sanity and keeping us whole. That seems well worth it, doesn’t it?